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Testimonials from valued and satisfied customers:

- David Stringer, Stringer Construction
"The Rasmussen Companies, over the last 27 years, have served as our leading site development contractor and equipment rental supplier for the commercial and residential development of some six hundred acres of land in Central New York.  David Rasmussen has earned the privilege and trust of being included into all of our predesign, engineering and construction meetings.  We listen to his advice.  This unusual relationship has spanned over two generations of Rasmussen leadership and has resulted into the highest level of trust, loyalty and understanding.  They simply are 'THE BEST'."

- Fred Gamlen, E.ON Climate & Renewables
"A top notch company. These guys make your problem their problem. The management and staff have the experience to handle any job and the equipment to do it. They all take pride and ownership in their work and are great to work with. With Rasmussen Excavation on site you quickly realize that's one part of the project you don't have to worry about!"

- Steve Buck, Buck Construction
"Because sitework is one of the riskiest scopes of work we subcontract, we exercise the most amount of caution when we make that selection, and my first choice to minimize that risk is always Rasmussen!"

- Peter Mennis, NBT Bank

"For over 25 years, NBT has had an excellent relationship with the Rasmussen family. Dave and Becky operate a very well run business with emphasis on above average service and quality of work."

- Mark Kasdorf, Burning Hollow Developer

"I have worked with Dave for over five years on the Burning Hollow Community in Chittenango, NY.  We have developed over 100 residential building lots with about 134 lots to go.  Dave and his team helped make my dream become a reality.  Integrity, honesty, fairness, and quality of work are just a few words that describe the Rasmussen Companies.  I look forward to working with Dave in the years to come.”

- Mike Minter, former Carolina Panther and Pine Creek Developer

"Business success is only as strong as the parties involved.  That is why I’ll always include the Rasmussen Companies in my development projects.  They take accountability for the work that they do and they provide quality, personal service that is rarely matched."

- David O'Bryan, Architect
"Over the past 14 years I have enjoyed developing a personal relationship with the Rasmussen Companies.  Their work ethic and attitude make working with them a pleasure.  Thank you for your dedication."
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